Friday, December 23, 2011

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 6 - A SmodSquad XXXmas

Beginning with a special Christmas Carol and ending with a new holiday tune by Courage My Love the Squad is stuffing your stocking for a very merry XXXmas podcast. In Epiosde 6 they sit by the fire, sip egg nog and warmly reminisce over Christmases of yore. Nawww, fuck that! We got gay robot elves, douchebag Santas, piss races and sploshing. The Squad puts their naughty spin on a Rankin/Bass classic, play odd Christmas songs and discuss hookers, Aspergers and Justin Bieber. SIR Fan and exhibitionist missbetty9 joins us to ring in the holidays right: naked and with a Hitachi Magic Wand! To all a good night!

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 5: Bagelmania

It's SmodSquad Pod Episode 5 with special guest LA comic and Tha' Breaks own Jacob "Bagel" Goldstein! We get the lowdown on what goes in to his comedy act, opening for Jon Lovitz and doing the dishes. Speaking of Tha' Breaks we got a Cock Off Update to make Hulk Hogan tremble. Whatchagunnado? We discuss Lindsey Lohan leaking and how we discovered porn in our father's underwear drawer. Tent sex, albino cyclops sharks and the most uncouth remark about Bill Cosby since Eddie Murphy's RAW await you. We debut two new games. One roots out SmodSquad lies and the other answers the ever important question: Who Would You Kill? Cameos from Tha Breaks join us, too!

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 4: Snowballin' Cookies

This week the SmodSquad (minus one stoner lost in the desert) welcome special guests Matt "Crafty" Cruz, co-host of the SMidnight Show, and frequent tweeter Fitzman73. Tyson's wife is also along for a ride hard enough to bruise a clit. Join us, too, as we talk Smurf racism, hot Gretzky pics, Twilight Saga discos and snowballin' cookies. Did the Squad challenges Tha' Breaks to a cock off? You fucking bet we did! Where will the cock off be? When will the cock off take place? Wait..what the fuck is a cock off anyway? This plus the debut of SmodSquad theatre where the Squad tackles CLERKS with a French Canadian Dante Hicks! Vaginas unite!

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 3: Yo, Sir Dude!

In Episode 3, the SmodSquad SMinterviews Kyle Hebert, the voice of S.I.R. We learn about his various roles as a voice actor, how he got involved with Kevin and "Frank" Garman and what goes into the ads and bumpers he makes. It's enough to make us all a little wet. The Squad discuses the passing of a comedy great, Patrice O'Neal. Along the way we learn about the Cosmic Calendar, killer mosquitoes and the end of the world as we know it. We also get a peak into the secret life of Tyson Saner. Mix in a little Black Friday insanity, cameos by Jay Leno, Casey Kasem, Christopher Walken and Johnny Carson and serve with a Kevin Smith Trivia Contest and you've got yourself one squirrel fucking good time! Keep an eye on your weed and your girl, smafackers, when the SmodSquad's around!

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 2 - The Pussy Troll Blues

The SmodSquad sing The Pussy Troll Blues with special Guest James Franco., the other one. Along the way we get wet with squirters, discover Superman's alternate Canadian powers and hear about Batman tracking down predators., the other ones! Sean tries to drunkenly interview a fan, Jen talks Twilight and with Huey Lewis mosh-pits, the BusDriver's near death experience with Cheap Trick and Smodder website plugs it all culminates in a game of Are American's Smarter Than A Canadian 5th Grader. Squirrel fucking good times!

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 1 - By The Fans! For The Fans!

In Episode One, The SmodSquadders attempt to understand the intricate language of Jason Mewes, debate how one might go about violating a squirrel and discuss the difference between Canada and the United States. Along the way they touch upon the idiocy of Kutcher, porn stars reading to children and drunken New Jersey bus drivers. Max Hedroom cameos! If that wasn't enough for a first episode they revel the horrors of the rare (and very disturbing) E.T. porn!