Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 10 - The Scottish Invasion

Put on your kilts, grab your haggis and break out to bagpipes because the Scots invade in the SmodSquad Pod Episode 10! Christopher Downie, writer, director and producer of indy flick Babble-On Begins joins the crew to chat about the film and Scottish stereotypes. Also in Pod X the Squad tries to get Chuck Norris a bridge, Kevin Smith a star on the Walk of Fame and Sean sex with female body builders after his guest spot on Tha' Breaks. Not enough educational content, you say? The crew is here for all your currency conversion needs. All this plus Oscar talk. Sweep the leg, Roddy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SmodSquad Pod - Episode 9: Craisins Are For Closers

Controversy strikes the Squad in Episode 9 as some run afoul of Jennifer Schwalbach, get Ming Chen in hot water and spew Valentine's orgasms all over the live S.I.R. airwaves. When not rebel rousing the Squad discuses Comic Book Men, pejazzling, the death of Degrassi's Wheels and the dad from Alf smoking crack. The much awaited clips from the Live From Behind Toronto fan met up are here as well. All you listeners with ass cancer are going to want to tune in as we potentially reveal the cure that will cost ya' less then five bucks! It all ends withe the group's touching tribute to Whitney Houston...or was that Craisins?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 8 - Live Nude Cordova and the Sausage Mouth of Doom

In Episode 8 the Squad welcomes new member (New Jersey born and raised) Ron Cafferty who quickly starts up a feud with Lesbians. Speaking of feuds, the group tries to shed some light on the Kevin Smith/Adam Carolla war of the words but they take a break to discuss why you never should go ass to mouth. Andre wants to fuck Jason Lee and has he broken his no meat eating ways for a little sausage mouth? Jenn becomes the center of podcasting hotness and Tyson sings. Other topics this week include Live From Behind, The All Chicken Nugget Diet, stupid shit celebs say and, of course, donkey semen. What's a podcast without a lil' bit'o dat? Did I mention a cameo apperance by Michael Zapcic and the Motherfuckin' Ming Dog!! It's all here in Pod 8.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SmodSquad Pod - Episode 7: 10lbs of Cum

They're baaaaack! The Squadders return to chat up incest, earthquakes and Prince. The Bus Driver reveals he's gone vegan (well, not quite...fuck the bees!), The Rev reveals he's gone insane and Sean reveals he's not dead. Along the way Alice Cooper cooks, spawns of Bill Cosby rampage and Snoopy becomes Jesus...and, errr, a Dream Warrior...and, errr, a fuckin' flying zombie! We've got the Swedish Chef borkin' off, a discussion on the cancer healing powers of semen and a gay Clone Trooper love fest! All this plus Who Would You Kill 2 and the debut of a new theme song! It's 10lbs of fun from the 99%!