Friday, October 7, 2011

Pod Stop - The Unused Mewes News - Episode 6

In this episode we learn of crazy shit you can obtain in Japanese vending machines, discuss Andre's anal action, visit Twin Peaks and lust after Mitsou and a gyrating Anne Murrey. What about a little slice of Poop'n'mouth? Mike also has a passionate plea for the ABC network. So, grab a bucket of Obama Fried Chicken, sit on back and learn of the first inductees in the Pod Stop Fight Club and the most fucked up murder plot you'll ever hear! It's all free, folks. FREE!!!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pod Stop - The Unused Mewes News - Episode 5 - Red State

Podstop Episode 5 paints the capital red as Mike and the BusDriver recap some of the history behind Kevin Smith's Red State while they attend the film's premier at Ottawa's historic Mayfair theatre. With mics in tow, they chat with fans to discover their expectations from the flick, before and after reactions, thoughts on Smith's past work and future plans as well as discuss religion (including an interview with a Christian gal unsure just what she's getting herself into), Rob Zombie and Rick Moranis (?!?). Along the way we learn of the BusDriver's peculiar penial problem with gay sex, Muppet abuse on Sesame Street and a very strange tale of drugs, pornography and Pepsi Max. Did we mention the revelation of how both lost their virginity? Throw in a couple of musical numbers, a wrestling mega-match between Christ and Randy Savage and pre-recorded Red State "Mewesings" from the Smod Squad and you've got a pod that can't be done justice within an hour of time. Enjoy your bonus 30 minutes, folks!