Friday, September 23, 2011

Pod Stop - The Unused Mewes News - Episode 4

Too much news and not enough Mewes... this week Mike has a proposition for Katie Morgan, Andre demonstrates how Blanche DuBois would order at Taco Bell and God joins in to help Superman battle Solomon Grundy. Not enough? We got lesbians, lions and liquid remains used as a love goop lubricant! Find out where you can find the Na'vi anal slide! Listen as Mike detaches his balls to praise his favorite film the Dark Knight Titanic. Need to satiate your Klingon fuck fix? We got Porn Warf! What, you want more? You selfish bastards! Allllright, we also interview musician Ryan Fairley about the songs he's written for SIR and The Wayne Foundation. Next week, folks, a special Red State podcast! join us, won't you?

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