Friday, December 23, 2011

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 5: Bagelmania

It's SmodSquad Pod Episode 5 with special guest LA comic and Tha' Breaks own Jacob "Bagel" Goldstein! We get the lowdown on what goes in to his comedy act, opening for Jon Lovitz and doing the dishes. Speaking of Tha' Breaks we got a Cock Off Update to make Hulk Hogan tremble. Whatchagunnado? We discuss Lindsey Lohan leaking and how we discovered porn in our father's underwear drawer. Tent sex, albino cyclops sharks and the most uncouth remark about Bill Cosby since Eddie Murphy's RAW await you. We debut two new games. One roots out SmodSquad lies and the other answers the ever important question: Who Would You Kill? Cameos from Tha Breaks join us, too!

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