Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SmodSquad Pod - Episode 7: 10lbs of Cum

They're baaaaack! The Squadders return to chat up incest, earthquakes and Prince. The Bus Driver reveals he's gone vegan (well, not quite...fuck the bees!), The Rev reveals he's gone insane and Sean reveals he's not dead. Along the way Alice Cooper cooks, spawns of Bill Cosby rampage and Snoopy becomes Jesus...and, errr, a Dream Warrior...and, errr, a fuckin' flying zombie! We've got the Swedish Chef borkin' off, a discussion on the cancer healing powers of semen and a gay Clone Trooper love fest! All this plus Who Would You Kill 2 and the debut of a new theme song! It's 10lbs of fun from the 99%!

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