Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The SmodSquad Pod - Episode 8 - Live Nude Cordova and the Sausage Mouth of Doom

In Episode 8 the Squad welcomes new member (New Jersey born and raised) Ron Cafferty who quickly starts up a feud with Lesbians. Speaking of feuds, the group tries to shed some light on the Kevin Smith/Adam Carolla war of the words but they take a break to discuss why you never should go ass to mouth. Andre wants to fuck Jason Lee and has he broken his no meat eating ways for a little sausage mouth? Jenn becomes the center of podcasting hotness and Tyson sings. Other topics this week include Live From Behind, The All Chicken Nugget Diet, stupid shit celebs say and, of course, donkey semen. What's a podcast without a lil' bit'o dat? Did I mention a cameo apperance by Michael Zapcic and the Motherfuckin' Ming Dog!! It's all here in Pod 8.

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